Our catalogue offers solutions for washing and degreasing all types of leather in beamhouse operations.

We also supply specific products for wool washing and degreasing. Our surfactants range is complemented by dispersant, enzyme, liming, deliming and soaking agents.



Our R&D department has developed a complete range of natural, synthetic, semi-synthetic and raw fatliquors, providing sector-specific solutions for the footwear, clothing, upholstery and leather goods sectors.

Our fatliquors have a round handle, excellent fullness and softness, a warm and smooth feel, and low fogging values. We also supply waterproofing fatliquors to meet new needs of the leather industry.



We have a wide range of retanning products that accentuate the fashion look and touch.

Combining various products achieves the desired fullness, softness, roundness, elasticity and other desirable characteristics of the finished leather..



Our product range is complemented by a competitive palette of dyes for the leather industry that constantly evolves to reflect consumer trends. The inclusion of this category of products means that we offer solutions for almost all tannery production processes.

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