We work to be part of the global chain by contributing our facilities (we are a chemical factory), our expert advice and our flexibility.

Chemical producer


Our production processes reach a capacity of 22,000 tons per year and are developed 100% in Texapel by our experts. Our laboratory has signed alliances with technology centers such as BLC and FILK to be able to exchange knowledge and be immersed in a process of constant improvement.

In addition, they incorporate the production of sulphited, sulphonated, sulphated, phosphated and phosphoric ester oil.

We have 12 reactors for synthesis and formulation of products with capacities from 1,000 L to 16,500 L. and a working pressure range from 2 Bar to 7 Bar.

We offer on-site storage capacity for finished products of up to 1,000 tons or 1,500 pallets and 27 storage units with a total capacity of 700m3. Texapel has warehouses with a covered area of ​​more than 4,000m2, where the finished products are stored in adequate conditions until they are distributed.

We provide expert advice


Our team of experts is prepared to understand and offer solutions for the challenges faced by your company. Our team not only will implement the solution you need for your production process, but will become experts in part of that process, contributing significantly to improving or optimizing it according to your preferences.

We adapt to you


We know that each company is unique and we look for the most appropriate way to work with your team. We apply a personalized formula, we travel to your factory or train your team; At TEXAPEL we are open to working side by side with you to achieve the result you want.

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