Our R&D department seeks to develop fatliquors that ensure excellent fullness of the leather. The TEXAPEL catalogue of products includes natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic fatliquors, covering applications to a wide range of articles.

Fashion: clothing, footwear, gloves and leather goods


Fashion trends are constantly changing, with production evolving due to market segmentation and environmental protection requirements. TEXAPEL, together with its customers, is committed to participating in transformative and environmental improvement processes in response to end consumer demands. It does this by contributing to the manufacture of fashion, footwear and leather goods that meet the most exacting ISO quality and environmental standards.

Upholstery: home and automotive

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the incorporation of hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles. TEXAPEL participates in production transformation processes by providing solutions that improve vehicle interiors and the user experience. Our range of automotive fatliquors all have low fogging test values. In TEXAPEL, we also monitor the latest interior design trends so that we can offer our customers the best solutions for their home upholstery products.
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