ODINOIL KNP, is an anionic and synthetic fatliquor for all types of soft leather, which is giving the appropiate resuts that our customers were looking for.

It is formulated with a novel chemistry, and therefore stands out from other fatliqors on the market.

Additionally, because of its nature, ODINOIL KNP helps to reduce the footprint and improves the circular economy, thanks to its 86% of recycled & Bio-based ingredients.

Among its main beneficial properties, we can mention that this fatliquor is specially recommended for those articles where extra softness and waxy touch are needed. MIght be upholstery, garments or gloving leathers (even for shoe softy nappas).

  • The application of the fatliquor provides leather articles with excellent softness and handle.
  • Skins treated with the product have a very pleasant and greasy touch.
  • Applied as a principal fatliquor, the product is ideal for white and pastel leather.
  • Very good light and heat fastness values are obtained.
  • The fatliquor permits the production of light weight leather articles with a spongy and fluffy touch.
  • The application of this fatliquor renders suede articles with a very shiny nap.

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