TEXAPEL, a family business with some 80 years of history and customers on five continents, develops and produces chemical solutions for the leather industry. We are more than just a chemical company that supplies products to tanneries and chemical distributors. We are also an essential partner in the leather goods, upholstery, fashion, footwear and accessories sectors.

In the history of our brand, four key milestones have served to shape the excellent service that we offer today.



Our founder, the chemical engineer Prudencio Argüelles Montero (1905-1990) commences operations in industrial premises located in Calle Decano Bahí in Barcelona. In the difficult post-Spanish civil war period, Prudencio begins to develop lubricants for the metals sector (cutting fluids) and for the wool and hard and recovered fibres sectors (sizing fluids).

Sold under the AMIDOL brand, the products are aimed at facilitating manufacturing by improving machinery performance in terms of shorter processing times, better equipment conservation and performance and lengthened lifecycles. Success among the local business community leads to a consolidated position in Catalonia and expansion to other regions of Spain.



Prudencio Argüelles Montero takes advantage of his experience with the metals sector and starts collaborating with a chemicals company in Germany. The outcome was the beginnings of the company’s production of auxiliary chemical products for primary and secondary synthetic-fibre spinning and textile dyeing and finishing.



Successful cooperation with the German partner leads to an expansion of its product range by TEXAPEL, which begins to manufacture the first synthetic products and compounds for the Spanish leather and tanning sector. TEXAPEL by now offers a full range of leather tanning fatliquors for the upholstery, footwear and leather goods industries.

After a decade of consolidation, in 1976 the factory is transferred to the Besós industrial estate on the north side of the city of Barcelona.


After successive changes and transformations in the industrial strategic scenario, TEXAPEL SL is created to meet the challenge of exporting the range of products produced in Barcelona abroad. Throughout our history, successive investments and asset acquisitions have consolidated the expertise and knowledge of the TEXAPEL team, enabling us to offer chemical solutions to international customers. Constant effort is invested in the growth and development of customers, suppliers and our organization. The dedication of our team, combined with cooperation agreements with local companies in other countries, facilitates direct contact with end users. Those agreements allow us to position ourselves as a leading brand for wet-end chemicals.
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