Policy of environment, quality and safety & health


Texapel, S.L. (Texapel from now on) is a company, belonging to the Argüelles Group, which is manufacturing and selling industrial chemicals for textile and/or leather sectors. At present, it assumes all the group’s industrial and commercial activities.

Texapel is maintaining an appreciable international and national presence in the sectors where it operates, at the same time as it is actively participating in various initiatives emerged from contexts such as educational, technical, professional, or business associations of which it is a member, or with whom Texapel is collaborating (ex.: FEDEQUIM, AEPSAT, AQEIC, AEQCT, LWG, Consorci de l’Escola Tècnica d’Igualada, etc…). 

This Texapel Management Policy is based on the principles expressed below:

  • Implement all necessary measures to reduce risks that may affect the safety and health of the persons, as well as the environment. Prevent pollution and reduce, constantly, the use of natural resources. 
  • Comply with applicable legal regulations, especially emphasizing aspects such as environmental protection and preventive measures related to safety & health, and honesty in the exercise of business activity.
  • Accept the commitment to certify the Management System in accordance with Quality ISO 9001 and Environmental ISO 14001 standards, in their permanently updated versions. 
  • Voluntarily assume the implementation of operational methods of the standard references interesting to the company, which allow us to prosper in terms of sustainability, social responsibility, or circular economy (ex.: ZDHC, CSR, LCA, etc…). 
  • Encourage participation, increase our competitiveness and ensure that professional tasks are carried out through continuous training of workers. Stimulate, at the same time, the motivation of people to achieve independent initiatives, increasing their skills away from prejudices of gender, ideology, nationality,
    language, race or religion.
  • Perform the exercise of safe work practices. In the event of a scenario of competing interests, nothing should prevail over safety and/or security. We combat the abuse of alcohol, the consumption of narcotics and we demand at work, monitoring and controlling compliance, an exemplary personal conduct, away from unethical and/or corrupt habits.
  • Promote the effectiveness of the Management System through continuous improvement, focusing the System on the processes, evaluating the risks and opportunities offered by them, guiding their evolution towards satisfying the expectations of our stakeholders and our customers, and optimizing them.
  • Provide and maintain the necessary resources for the fulfilment of the goals determined by the organization, facilitating the information traceability of the strategic objectives of the company.
  • Interact with suppliers, customers and distributors, in order to create a framework of mutual relations, characterized by the existence of a code of conduct based on respect for diversity, human and labour rights and fair working conditions.
  • Require distributors and select suppliers, according to evidence of compliance with the standards of quality, sustainability, safety and social responsibility referred to in this text.
  • Consolidate our presence in the market, as a global supplier of solutions for the application of our products in the leather and textile industry. The technical properties of our preparations make possiblethe conversion of a waste into an article with recognized benefits for users. Our own core business must be our best contribution to overall socioeconomic balance.
Texapel agrees to periodically review its Management Policy, as well as to communicate it to employees and stakeholders
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